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How to Join Middle Class United?

To join Middle Class United. you must first sign up for an account by clicking the 'Log In' button on the right side of the menu. After you successfully register, you can now access the Become A Member page where you can purchase a membership for a one time fee of $500.

Why Does MCU Have a Board if Members Are Voting?

According to cooperative and corporation laws, a board is required for governance. The board plays a crucial role in expanding and serving the cooperative by leveraging their connections to facilitate deals and develop investment strategies that benefit the cooperative as a whole.

How Will Profits of the Cooperative Be Distributed?

Profits of the cooperative will be allocated into three distinct "buckets":


  1. Membership Dividend: 25% of the net profits will be directly paid to our members.

  2. Do Good Fund: 50% of the net profits will be allocated to a charity periodically chosen by members, supporting causes they deem deserving.

  3. Reinvestment: To foster the growth of the cooperative, 25% of the net profits will be reinvested back into the cooperative.

How Are Investment Decisions Made?

Middle Class United is in the process of developing a voting system exclusively for members. Members will receive notifications via text or email about upcoming votes on investment opportunities. Additionally, MCU has a dedicated deals team responsible for sourcing and evaluating potential deals. They will assess the viability and potential returns of each investment opportunity, presenting only those with significant upside potential to the cooperative for consideration.

Are there any eligibility requirements for membership?

Our main requirement is that you share our commitment to middle-class affordable housing. Each member is allowed one membership share to ensure equality and prevent influence from large investors. You must also be at least 18 years old to purchase a membership.

How will I submit my vote?

To submit your vote during an election period, you will need to get your Voter ID from the My Account page. You will then be able to login to the Member Voting Portal using your email and Voter ID to cast your vote.

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