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Membership Agreement & Acknowledgement

1. By joining the Middle Class United Corporation you affirm your alignment with our mission, core values, and contents of the Middle Class United Cooperative Inc. (“MCU Cooperative” “MCU”).

2. The MCU Cooperative is a Maryland-based not-for-profit corporation.

3. To remain a Member of MCU, you must stay current on the obligations described in our bylaws.

By becoming a member of the MCU Cooperative you consent to receive all notices, ballots, and any other communications by email and/or Short Message/Messaging Service (SMS) / Text messaging.

4. In the spirit of ensuring that all MCU Cooperative members remain equal you cannot transfer your ownership to another individual, Limited Liability Corporation, Corporation, Trust, or any other kind of legal entity.

5. You acknowledge and understand that the MCU Cooperative exists to serve its members first and will always put its members at the forefront of every decision.

Please review our bylaws and articles of incorporation here. They explain your membership rights, voting power, governance, and other important information.


Key things you need to know before becoming an MCU Member:

  • Patronage dividends are not guaranteed.

  • If you purchase a membership stake you must hold your membership for a minimum of five (5) years and you cannot redeem your membership before the end of your five (5) year membership term.

  • You can terminate or redeem your membership as detailed in the Bylaws. If you choose to redeem your membership with the MCU, the cooperative will attempt to buy back your membership at the cost you purchased it for within thirty (30) days. Please keep in mind that MCU Cooperative at the time you terminate or redeem your membership may not have the ability to pay you immediately due to the liquidity of the MCU at the time of request. The MCU Cooperative may issue you a promissory note stating what you are owed, and you will be issued a redemption by a provided date. The MCU Cooperative cannot guarantee that you will get your $500.00 membership redemption back in full. 

You should NOT become an MCU member if the following apply:

  • If you are currently experiencing financial hardship or anticipate such in the future

  • If you believe that you may need those funds in less than five (5) years. 


The MCU is a new and innovative cooperative model. Purchasing a membership with the MCU comes with risks, challenges, and unforeseen downsides. 

Here are some of the potential downsides that you need to consider and weigh before becoming an MCU Member:

  • Real estate, like any investment, has inherent risks due to illiquidity and the possibility of market downturns and economic recessions. There is no guarantee that the MCU will be immune to market risks in the Real Estate sector. 

  • The MCU Cooperative may undergo staff changes which may affect the organization’s ability to effectively administer its operations (We do not anticipate this, but it is a possibility that must be considered).

  • Real Estate as an asset is subject to speculative markets and economic downturns that may directly or indirectly affect the success of the MCU’s business model and its operations.

  • Residents leasing MCU Cooperative properties may become unemployed due to a variety of economic factors in the future. The possibility of unemployment rates increasing in areas where the MCU Cooperative may purchase, own, or finance property is real. The MCU will work on a best-effort basis with MCU residents/lease holders to ensure that no individual or a family household will be evicted due to unemployment or financial hardship.

If you agree to purchase an MCU Cooperative membership you acknowledge and understand the above.

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